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Midcentury Styling by guest Interiors Blogger Sarah Akwisombe

Added 02 August 2014 at 15:09

Iíve been a huge fan of Roomscape for a while, so when the opportunity came up to put together a styled room look using one of their pieces as the main focus, of course I jumped at it!

Iíve been writing an interiors blog since the start of the year, which has a big 20th century design influence. Iíve often included wonderful pieces from the Roomscape collections, so it was only right to get involved. 

I chose this blood red Italian 50s sofa as the basis of my look. Iím especially enthralled by the Midcentury style. The classic 1950s form with space age influenced brass spindle legs meant that this piece stood out to me. And that red velvet - original fabric too! Can you believe it?!

After deciding on my centerpiece I thought about how I would style this in my home. Iím one for big prints and geometric shapes, so it was natural to go for this monochrome hexagon print wallpaper from Tres Tintas, which is a lovely juxtaposition to the swooping curves of the sofa. The contrast of black and white against the red is so striking and would really make a statement! I wanted to continue along with the Midcentury style, even if this wallpaper is a little more 60s than 50s.

Next, lighting. My go to choice at Roomscape would easily be their collection of Sciolari brass chandeliers from the 70s. But for this look I was really drawn to the Peill & Putzler ceiling light in brass and glass. Itís a little more understated and still in keeping with the geometric shapes of the wallpaper. I always find brass sits so well alongside a bright red, and I really love the idea of cold smooth brass against plush velvet. 

Continuing with brass and glass, Iíve chosen this absolutely beautiful console table by Guy Lefevre to add a little place for decorative objects. I especially love the base detailing where the brass turns back on itself for a cool geometric foot. Top with a Maison Charles lamp for a very Midcentury look. 

Lastly, no room is complete without some artwork to provide interest to walls. When scrolling through the Roomscape archives, I was taken by this Patrick Heron print `January 1973:1`. Though created in the early 70s, this print would sit well in almost any modern room setting. The abstract nature of the piece and the palette would compliment the deep red of the sofa. 

If youíve enjoyed my selection, you may want to head over to my Blog where I talk about interior styling with a big 20th century design influence. Look out for a feature on my Blog from Roomscape where they will be sharing the history of Maison Charles, coming soon!

Sarah`s Midcentury styling originally featured in our August 2014 newsletter. Each month we send out all our new arrivals and include a feature article like this one. Fancy receiving the next newsletter, just subscribe here.

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