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Willy Rizzo; photographer & designer

Added 04 January 2012 at 20:40

Willy Rizzo  (1928-2013)  moved from Paris to Los Angeles in the 1960′s to become photographer to the stars. He famously photographed Marilyn Monroe two weeks before she died.

At the end of la Dolce Vita, he moved to Rome with his actress wife. They took the avant-garde step of converting a commercial space into an apartment.

To fill this loft, Rizzo built his own furniture which became so popular with his friends that he eventually set up a workshop in Rome.

His style, clean with simple lines and incorporating chrome and brass, is unconventional, making it relevant for today.

One of Rizzo`s most popular design was the `Alveo` coffee table with it`s dry bar (photographed left). Retailed by the company Mario Sabot in Italy from 1972, the `Alveo` range smartly combined Modernist designs with richly stained wood along side polished metals such as brass for a warm and glamorous look.

Here is Willy Rizzo giving an interview from his living room and spotted just to the left is a 1970′s Flaminia coffee table. Mr Rizzo points out that the table goes well with his Louis XIV & oriental pieces.  The clever thing about chrome/brass & glass is that they reflect their surroundings making them the best complimentary materials.

Original vintage Willy Rizzo pieces are becoming rare to find in their original condition, and are fast becoming good investments.

At www.roomscape.net check out items in stock such as vintage coffee tables by Willy Rizzo .

Roomscape struck gold with this original vintage Willy Rizzo coffee table `Alveo` in burl walnut & brass, from the 1970`s, and is pleased to present for sale from the original Italian owner.

The `Alveo` range combined Modernist designs with richly stained wood alongside brass for a warm and glamorous look. Added to this luxury there are the solid brass faceted corners, Rizzo`s trademark which turns his design into a jewel.

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