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Trifari Sparkle

Added 06 December 2012 at 08:44

Coming from a family of Goldsmiths, Gustavo Trifari emigrated from Italy to America at the turn of the last century. In 1912 he formed Trifari producing high quality costume jewellery.

By 1923 Trifari had taken on partners becoming Trifari, Krussman & Fishel (TKF).

The 1930`s were a period of outstanding production for Trifari with the appointment of Alfred Philippe, formerly of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. Phillipe led the designs until 1968.

Alfred Philippe was the creator of the Jelly Belly. Named for the clear transparent Lucite bellies, "Jelly Bellies" are beautiful and whimsical. They exemplify the 40`s in terms of design and materials such as the newly invented Lucite.

The most coveted pieces are larger pieces with Lucite set in sterling vermeil. 

Vermeil is sterling silver coated with gold. In the 1940`s base metals were rationed and so Trifari turned to the more expensive silver. This is part of their unique attraction.

Checkout this handy Trifari timeline & vintage adverts.

Interest in costume jewellery is on the rise in line with gold & silver. Look out for other great vintage designers added since 2013.

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