February, 2021

Roomscape's treasures this month include Traditional & Modernist lighting. We celebrate the clever use of metals & handblown glass in design. Architectural pieces include this pair of lamps by Nanny Still for RAAK which inspired our feature article about RAAK Lighting from Holland.
Sergio & Blair

New arrivals this month...

Antique Christofle candlestick lamps, a pair, silver plate, 1905, French; £690
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RAAK lamp, large size in aluminum, steel & glass, 1972, Dutch; £690
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RAAK lamp, large size in aluminum, steel & glass, 1972, Dutch; £690
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Arts & Crafts style wall lights in brass, set of 4, 1980's ca, English; £1380
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Brass dog table lamp Art Deco Spaniels by 'ELPEC Brass Lloyd Pascal Co', 1930's ca, English; £440
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Victorian antique table lamp, brass, with decorative fluting, 1890's ca, English; £390
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Judith Drury painting 'Checkmate', oil on board, Surrealist style, 1969, English; £390
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Hillebrand Brutalist wall light, 47 cm, handmade glass & brass, 1970's ca, German; £390
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D'Orlan gold necklace & pendant, enamel coiled gilt chain, 1980’s ca, Canadian; £95
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Dara International glass vase handblown with brass band, 1980's ca, Italian; £290
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Vertebra Office Chair by Giancarlo Piretti & Emilio Ambasz for Castelli, 1978, Italian; £220
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Malcolm Morley print 'Return of Ulysses' original unframed limited edition signed, 1984, USA; £ 390
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Laughing Cavalier butterfly wing Sterling silver brooch, TL. Mott, reverse painted, 1920’s ca, English; £110

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Raak Lighting

Abstract use of primary colour, like that used in our featured RAAK Lamps, is characteristic of the Dutch De Stijl Movement from the early 20th Century. 

In this design handmade coloured glass adds a touch of elegance to the Brutalist geometric form.

Dutch company, RAAK Amsterdam, was founded in 1954 by Carel O. Lockhorn, a previous employee of Philips Lighting. RAAK, which means `to hit’ in Dutch, implies design which precisely `hits the nail on the head’.  

RAAK Lighting is best known for their organic modern design of the 1970`s which combined glass & metals for a sophisticated futuristic style. 

In The Netherlands, there is less division between the various disciplines – Art, Photography & Design. Therefore it was natural for RAAK to work with artists such as Nanny Still, one of the most famous designers at RAAK Amsterdam.

Nanny Still-McKinney (1926-2009) studied at Finland’s Central School of Arts & Crafts in Helsinki. Already before her graduation in 1950, she started working as a designer for Riihimäki Lasi, Finland’s largest glass factory.

This exhibition catalogue from 1997 covers important designs from Nanny Still with respect to glassware, wood, porcelain, metal, and jewelry. 

Still’s work was on display on the Milan Triennials of 1954, 1957 & 1960. When she joined RAAK in the early 1960’s, she had already established an international reputation.

Her lighting designs are colorful & decorative, rather individual than modernistic.

Quality handblown glass can also be seen in this large vase by manufacturer Dara International of Italy, also in stock at Roomscape.

The blue glass is decorated with bullicante or small air bubbles created during the process. This decorative feature evenly spaced, and in such a large piece, are indicators of quality craftsmanship.

At the bottom of the vase there is a pontil mark, the result from when the glass was separated from the metal rod used to blow the glass. The presence of a pontil indicates that this glass was blown freehand.

Dara International pieces typically carry two sticky paper labels. In the photo above the labels read 'Copyright 1983 Dara International Accessories Ltd, all rights reserved' & 'Made in Italy'.

Dara International created large decorative pieces in the Brutalist & Art Deco style making them well suited for today's interiors.






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