February, 2020

In celebration of romance we've pulled out our Trifari Heartthrob jewellery for our feature article. 

Happy Valentine's Day ♥ 
Sergio & Blair

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Trifari Heartthrob Jewellery

In celebration of Valentine's Day we present this set of Trifari Heartthrob jewellery from 1951.

Vintage Trifari captured the romantic optimism of the Post War period like no other maker of its time

What else would you expect from the Company's founder Gustavo Trifari a true blooded Romantic from Italy.

Coming from a family of Goldsmiths, Gustavo Trifari emigrated to America at the turn of the last century and set up Trifari in 1912.

The 1930's were a period of outstanding production for Trifari with the appointment of Alfred Phillipe, formerly of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. This Trifari 'Comet' necklace below is an early Alfred Phillipe design for Trifari.

Alfred Phillipe, like many designers in the precious jewellery industry were made redundant during the Great Depression and moved into the costume equivalent. Below is a period advert for the 'Comet' necklace.

One of Alfred Philippe's contributions was the Trifari crown designs. They were  so popular the company incorporated a crown into its trademark.

Some of the Trifari Crown pins feature eye-catching, brightly coloured cabochons, while others are composed entirely of clear crystal rhinestones for a monochromatic effect. Naturally, a series of Coronation Gems was produced in 1953 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's ascension to the throne.

Prior to the 1950’s, costume jewellery designs were patented; a long & costly process.

In the fast business of fashion, manufacturers often settled for 'Pat. Pend.' as stamped on this Trifari 'Golden Laurel' set from the 1940's. 

Things all changed in the 1955 legal case in favour of Trifari who took the bold step to stamp the copyright symbol instead of applying for a patent. In this case the judge decided costume jewellery may be 'works of art' entitled to copyright protection leading Trifari to win its case against a competitor, Coro.

For example this Trifari cluster of grapes is stamped with a crown above the T and a ©. This combination helps to date the piece to late 1950's.

Not only was 'copyright' a major step in the status of costume jewellery, but also it terms of practicality as stamping © is much easier than applying for a patent. 

Trifari were also famous for their demi-parures, sets of matching jewellery designed to be worn together.

The most famous was the demi-parure faux pearl necklace & earrings designed for the First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower to wear at the Presidential Inaugural Ball of 1953.

Find all our vintage Trifari jewellery on this page of our web site.