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Mazzega Carlo Nason style chandelier Murano blue vaseline glass, gilt frame, Italian
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Mazzega Carlo Nason style chandelier Murano blue vaseline glass, gilt frame, Italian

Code: 10886

Price: £1,790 / $2,309 / €2,005

Height: 130cm (51.2")     Width: 55cm (21.7")
Depth: 55cm (21.7")
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Mazzega Carlo Nason style chandelier, blue vaseline Murano glass on a gold-plated gilt frame, Contemporary Collection, Italian.

This chandelier is available in stock & displayed at present in our London Showroom.

Also available to order, we can supply multiple chandeliers. In addition it is possible to order extra glass shades for spares.

The same design is also available with a chrome frame.

Carlo Nason `Firenze` Suspension Design Chandelier is the 20th Century Design Classic which inspired this piece created for Roomscape`s Contemporary Collection. Made in Italy using traditional methods, craftsmanship and attention to detail this chandelier shares many features as originals. Murano glass flat ribbed droplets both hang and are staggered on a tiered metal frame. These ribbed glass blades are made in Murano today with the original "piastra" technique.

As Nason`s chandeliers are rare to come by especially in large sizes, we sourced this extra-large size perfect for contemporary decorating. The tiered form with its cascading waterfall pattern is grand but still `light`. This look is ideal for a range of interiors such as Traditional, Art Deco, French, Hollywood Regency, 70`s Glamour or Contemporary.

Particularly attractive is the fluorescent, creamy iridescent appearance of the glass. Depending on the light source the reflection goes from soft creamy light blue with a golden hue. When a spot light is directed through the colour shifts to fluorescent blue.

The texturized glass shades appear to hang lightly giving a sense of movement and beautifully reflecting the light.

Each glass shade is thick & strong. At the top there is a long hook portion to secure it to the frame.

Arranged down the 3 tiers there are 60 handmade Murano glass shades; 32 hang on the top tier, 20 on the second tier & 8 on the bottom tier. There are 3 lengths of glass shades: Large, Medium & Short. When in place the pattern creates a staggered or draped `sea weed` like effect.

Each tier carry the following composition of shades:
Top large tier: 8 Large,16 Medium,8 Small
Middle tier: 5 Large,10 Medium,5 Small
Bottom tier: 2 Large, 4 Medium, 2 Short

The quality solid gilt frame has a polished finish. From a central column there are 3 concentric tiered circles, each of which is secured to the column by several horizontal supports.

The top row of 6 pivotal lamp holders rotate in various directions to create different effects and angles with the lights. The middle tier has 3 lamp holders facing down. At the bottom there is 1 down lighter.

The chandelier carries 9 standard E14 small screw light bulbs up to 40 Watts each, and 1 standard E27 big screw light bulb up to 60 Watts at the bottom.

At the top there is a decorative gilt ceiling cup and gilt chain. This chain could be lengthened or shortened as needed.

Packing is offered free of charge. This chandelier travels well as all the components can be easily wrapped separately. Each glass shade would be wrapped in card & bubble wrap. Small groups of glass shades would be boxed. These boxes would be placed in a larger box with the frame. The frame would be wrapped in bubble wrap and reinforced with card. These items would be supported inside with filler.

Additonal Dimensions:

The total Height with the chain is: 170 cm.

The Height of the frame from top with the glass but no chain is: Height: 130 cm, Width: 55 cm , Depth: 55 cm.

The frame alone (without the glass or chain): Height: 75 cm, Width: 50 cm, Depth: 50 cm.

The glass shades are in 3 dimensions:

The 15 longer glass shades have a Length of 61 cm.

The 30 middle glass shades have a Length of 51 cm.

The 15 shortest glass shades have a Length of 42 cm.


Angelo Vittorio Mazzega founded Mazzega in 1946. Carlo Nason has been a prominent designer for the company over the decades. Nason was born in 1935 into one the oldest glass making families in Murano. He is known for his inovative designs which highlight technique & craftsmanship. He is well known worldwide for his Modernist designs such us : "Firenze" Suspension glass ribbed glass blades chandelier, "Roma" ceiling lights & "Vercelli" ceiling/wall lights.
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