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Maison Charles Lighting

Added 05 March 2014 at 17:39

The Parisian Maison Charles Lighting remains family led since it was founded in 1908 by Ernest Charles.

Emile Albert Charles took over the company in 1920. His brother Pierre joined him in 1932. Jean and Jacques, Emile’s sons, joined the business in 1959, both interior designers.

It was the 1950`s designs of grandsons John & Jacques, inspired by nature & the exotic, which resulted in the company`s iconic look, such as the bronze floor lamp to the left.

A historic turning point for the Company was 1959, the year when Jean and Jacques, Emile’s sons, joined the business, both interior designers,  creating the « Charles style », combining Modernism with classical references.

The iconic lamps "Pineapple", "Pinecone", "Corn" and " Lotus" were created.

In 1965, the "Inox" Collection and the "Orgues" lamps appeared, which are now a flagship product.

Also animal designs were introduced such as the horse & the equestrian theme.
Christiane Charles, Jean’s spouse, created in 1971 the "Christiane" Collection, inspired by plant patterns.

Today Decorators have the taste for these vintage Maison Charles `bon bons`, like this Palmtree table lamp (left) .

Maison Charles prides itself in attention to detail, from the preliminary drawings, to the wax sculptures, the series of molds, to the detailing by the sculpture. The in-house team of specialist decorators polish, acid-treat and specially varnish the items. Maintenance of the special textured finish is best kept simple: a soft dry cloth or cotton moistened with Vaseline oil. 

Maison Charles has repeatedly been the recipient at the International Lighting Fair Awards for both design and production.

At Roomscape we search for Vintage Maison Charles Lighting & Vintage Maison Charles decorative objects.

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