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Large brass flowers ceiling light by Massive, 1970`s ca, Belgian
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Large brass flowers ceiling light by Massive, 1970`s ca, Belgian

Code: 10732

Price: SOLD

Height: 65cm (25.6")     Width: 65cm (25.6")
Depth: 33cm (13.0")
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Large brass flowers ceiling light by Massive, 1970`s ca, Belgium.

Thoroughly cleaned, fully rewired, in full working order & ready to use.

This decorative vintage sculptural ceiling light consists of a group of 3 brass flowers on a circular brass plated base. It would work equally well as a large wall light.

Each individual flower is made up of 6 quality cast naturalistic textured leaves on a brass gilt frame and stem, which attaches to the circular base. The golden brass tone reflects a warm light creating depth and interesting reflections. The centre of each light is finished playfully with a brass lamp holder perfect for fitting a decorative Gold Crown light bulb.

Each individual light carries 1 large standard screw light bulb E27 up to 60 watts. Presently fitted with Gold Crown light bulbs of 60 Watts, as photographed. Alternatively it could fit any other bulb shape for a different look. These 3 light bulbs are included in the price and future replacements are available in most lighting shops.

The assembly and fitting to the ceiling is simple; a metal bracket screws sideways to the circular frame. The bracket has 2 holes itself through which it is screwed to the ceiling. All the petals are removable for safe transport, on each light there are two sets of 3 leaves attached to a ring that screws to the lampholder. The quality frame is in excellent condition with a warm antique patina in line with age. At the back there is the original `Massive` maker`s label inside the frame.

The length is 65 cm and the width is 65 cm.

The depth from the ceiling or wall is 33 cm.

Each flower has a diameter of 37 cm.

Massive Lighting History

Massive Lighting or `Lustrerie Massive` was founded in 1926 in Belgium. For much of its history the company was family run and in 2000 was honoured as `the best lamp producer of the year`. Massive Lighting was known for high quality and original designs which vary between Classic and Modernist styles. In 2008 the company became part of Phillips Corporation.
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