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Jeff Messerschmidt Biography

Added 20 January 2018 at 20:28

Jeff Messerschmidt is an American artist & furniture designer known for his pioneering use of acrylic & Lucite. He was part of the `Lucite` fashion alongside Charles Hollis Jones & `Lion in Frost` designs. 

Acrylic was invented decades before Messerschmidt`s designs in 1930, by British chemist William Chalmers. Six years later DuPont patented `Lucite`. In World War II, acrylic was put to good use in aircrafts however Post War use of the new material was limited to novelty items like costume jewellery. 

Jeff  Messerschmidt   made Lucite his signature medium, changing Lucite from kitsch to cool. During this time he pioneered techniques for bending & binding Lucite piping in attractive light but stable forms.

Holding Lucite together in a clean manner respecting the purity of the material has been the biggest challenge. Each designer developed their own personal solution which became their trademark.  Jeff Messerschmidt`s `  Pipeline Series II 1972-89` armchairs are his most iconic piece. They feature  bent Lucite piping & big decorative metal bolts binding the frames together.  These features also appear in his designs for tables. Usually  Messerschmidt pieces are signed & dated, inscribed into the Lucite.

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