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Hillebrand Lighting

Added 23 November 2014 at 08:56

The Egon Hillebrand light factory (Leuchtenfabrik Hillebrand) was established in 1881 in Germany. 

Hillebrand`s production of Art Deco lighting initially gained them fame. Their quality & innovative production led to nine Design awards between 1955 to 1982. The most noted product is the Oslo table lamp from 1962 which is a classic Modernist piece today. 

In the 1970`s & 80`s the company used glamorous materials like brass, glass & chrome to create luxurious designs for the home. It was items like these which put the Company at a competitive level to the other famous German maker JT Kalmar.   

At its peak in the 1980`s the company had 300 employees and 600 models in production. In 1995 Egon Hillebrand closed, making its products rare, collectible and valuable today. 

At Roomscape we often carry original vintage pieces from Hillebrand such as wall lights and mirrors. Check out a selection of Hillebrand Lighting in stock past & present.

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