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Carl Fagerlund Orrefors Lighting in Sweden History

Added 04 April 2014 at 17:21

Orrefors Glasbruk was founded in Orrefors, Sweden in 1898.

Because of their aesthetic and technical innovations in glass making, the company quickly became known for their production of quality art glass. 

The 1920`s & 1930`s saw the emergence of crystal and glass light fixtures as an art form.

Orrefors illuminating works of art quickly became the most prestigious types to own. Between the World Wars, the glass industry flourished.

The successes of Simon Gate and Edward Hald in Paris in 1925 constituted the start of the long Orrefors tradition of creative design closely combined with innovative craftsmanship.

Orrefors was able to bring on board many talented artists and craftsmen to meet the demand for art glass lighting and also provide a place of refuge for displaced artists affected by the War. 

After World War II, Orrefors sought to expand their lighting department and hired the talented and innovative Swedish lighting designer Carl Fagerlund.

He remained as lead lighting designer from 1946 until 1980 when he reached international acclaim with his large lighting installations like the Head Office of General Motors and the Kennedy Center in USA.

He is well known also for his Modernist timeless designs where he combined Neoclassical forms with naturalistic themes, like in the sculptural series of glass leaf & shell chandeliers/sconces, which can fit a vast range of Interiors from Traditional Antique, Hollywood Regency and Minimalist/Contemporary.

Lighting production was paused in the 1980`s and resumed in 2006 when Orrefors began a collaboration with the lighting company Zero.

This has resulted in an elegantly understated and innovative range, in which designers at Orrefors unite light with the properties of clear crystal.

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