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Brutalist large flush light by Hans Ehrich & Tom Ahlstrom, 1960`s ca, Swedish
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Brutalist large flush light by Hans Ehrich & Tom Ahlstrom, 1960`s ca, Swedish

Code: 11059

Price: £590 / $726 / €673

Height: 79cm (31.1")     Width: 79cm (31.1")
Depth: 6cm (2.4")
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Brutalist large flush light iron frame with art glass disc in the style of Hans Ehrich & Tom Ahlstrom,1960`s ca, Swedish.

This light has been thoroughly cleaned respecting the vintage patina. Newly rewired with new metal lamp holders, earthed, in full working order, PAT tested, & ready to install. Light bulbs included. It is possible to install this light in other countries although it may be necessary to purchase different light bulbs suitable to local electricity. It can be used with a dimmer.

This large sculptural flush light could be fitted as a wall or ceiling light.

Research on the internet suggests similar lights in style were designed by Tom Ahlström & Hans Ehrlich working for the Swedish design company A & E Design and manufactured in Germany by A & E Leuchten.

This reinterpretation of the traditional sunburst pattern is executed in raw metal hand-wrought grey iron finished to an `anthracite` effect. The 12 extending arms are bold and have been worked to enhance the natural texture of iron. In the centre, as a focal point, there is a handmade glass disc covering the lights. The glass is in an indigo blue colour, which works well with the sculptural frame. The effect & craftsmanship are bold and characteristic of the Brutalist design movement of the 20th Century.

This light would be a sculptural addition to a wall or a unique flush light for a ceiling. It would suit Interior design schemes such as Art Deco, 1970`s, Post-modern or Industrial.

This lamp has 3 parts: 

The 12 extending arms in a sunburst pattern from a central circular base. All in hand wrought iron with great texture and a black patinated `anthracite` effect finish  with brushed silver paint streaks.

The centre of the frame which is a circular metal base with the same finish as the arms. This central frame is both the bracket to attach to the wall/ceiling and houses the lamp holders, all covered by the glass disc. The 3 lamp holders are positioned sideways. The base has 3 small holes on the back through which the light is screwed to the wall/ceiling. The base also has along the edge, at the corner in contact with the wall, 3 bigger holes to release heat creating also when the light is on, a light effect on the wall.

The handmade blue glass has an indigo colour and is of great quality. It has a natural organic shape characteristic of Art Glass with a thickness of 10 cm. The glass fits onto a threaded bolt. A decorative black nut & washer screw the glass securely in place. This allows access to easily change the light bulbs.

This light takes 3 E 27 big screw standard light bulbs up to 40 Watts each. At present fitted and photographed with 3 E 27 Candle clear light bulbs which are included in the price.

Inside it has been fitted with 3 new E 27 earthed metal lamp lamp holders finished in a black ebony tone. Inside the compartment and under the glass, the cables are covered by a metal cup which has the same black & silver tone finish as the frame.

This vintage light is in very good condition. The frame is secure and has an excellent finish. The glass shade is the original vintage, with no cracks and only a tiny chip in the centre hole where it is screwed in place to the frame, in line with age & wear. This chip is not seen when installed as it is covered by the washer & decorative finial.

Packing is offered free of charge. We take special professional care while packing. For safe transport, the glass disc would be removed and wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and soft cardboard. The frame would be wrapped in bubble wrap. Together these parts would easily fit into a box ideal for posting and shipping.

Additional Dimensions:

The glass shade has a diameter of 27 cm and thickness of 10 cm.

The frame has a circular base which attaches to the wall with a diameter of 26 cm.


Born 25 September 1942 in Helsinki, Finland, Ehrich is a Swedish industrial designer. Together with Tom Ahlström in 1968 he founded A&E Design, a company which Ehrich still manages today. Between 1982 and 2002 he was the CEO of the sister company Interdesign in Stockholm. Internationally, he is regarded as one of Sweden’s leading product designers, and is referred to as the “Grand Seigneur” of Swedish Industrial Design.  Ehrich resides between Stockholm & Berlin.
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