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Barovier & Toso style chandelier Murano glass, gilt frame, Italian
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Barovier & Toso style chandelier Murano glass, gilt frame, Italian

Code: 10868


Height: 84cm (33.1")     Width: 86cm (33.9")
Depth: 86cm (33.9")
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Barovier & Toso style chandelier, 47 Murano glass leaves hanging on a gold plated gilt frame, Contemporary Collection, Italian.

This chandelier is available & displayed in our London Showroom.  The same design is also available with a chrome frame.

Barovier & Toso`s 1940 Neo-Classical chandelier is the 20th Century Design classic which inspired this contemporary piece created for Roomscape`s Contemporary Collection. This contemporary piece has many of the same features as Barovier`s original design. It has clear textured Murano glass, gold detailing and a gold finial.

As Barovier & Toso original designs were of smaller proportions and are rare to come by, we sourced this extra-large size perfect for contemporary decorating trends.

This design also features cascading 4 tiers similar to the designs of the 1970`s. The form, similar to the capital of a Neo-Classical column, is grand but still `light`. This look is ideal for a range of interiors; Traditional, Art Deco, French, Hollywood Regency, 70`s Glamour or Contemporary.

Arranged down the 4 tiers there are 47 handmade Murano glass shades.

Looking in detail, the Murano glass leaves are clear blown cased glass in an oval/leaf shape. On the outside surface there are subtle undulating ribs which appear to originate from a central spine. The external side is polished to a gloss finish. Inside each has an applied texture, shards of glass. The form & texture of the shades keeps the illumination soft & diffuse.

Each glass leaf has been moulded with an upper lip which hangs on the brass frame.

In total there are 47 glass shades: 19 hang on the top tier, 15 on the second tier, 9 on the third tier & 4 on the lowest tier.

The frame is gold plated gilt. From a central column there are four concentric tiered circles. Each circle is secured to the column by several supports. The top two tiers have lamp holders. The lowest tier has a decorative plate & finial also gilded.

Carries 11 standard big screw light bulbs (E27) up to 60 Watts. Presently fitted & photographed with Golf shaped light bulbs of 25 Watts which are included in this price.

Photographed as a flush mount; at the top there is a gilt plate. This plate screws to a metal bracket for the ceiling. From this bracket there are two screws facing downwards. The decorative plate is securely held in place with 2 large gilt bolts. As an alternative this chandelier could be adapted to hang on a chain. Any length of brass chain could be provided at a minimal additional cost.

Packing is offered free of charge. Each shade would be wrapped in card & bubble wrap. Small groups of shades would be boxed. Together these boxes would be placed in a larger box with the frame. The frame would be wrapped in bubble wrap and reinforced with card. These items would be supported inside with filler.

Additional Dimensions:

Each glass shade has the following dimensions: Height 22 cm, Width 13 cm, Depth 5 cm.

Barovier & Toso Lighting History

The Barovier family from Murano, Italy, have been world leaders in glass production since the Middle Ages making them the world`s longest-established family of glass-workers. Read more on our blog about Barovier chandeliers.
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